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ICICI Securities Limited is a Registered Investment Advisor under SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations, 2013 and has been offering advisory services under the brand ICICIdirect Investment Advisory Services. We understand that much like everything else, your financial needs to differ from that of others too. And as life moves on, your needs and priorities will change and evolve as well. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you select services, which are geared up to help you secure your financial future and maximize your wealth, by adopting a scientific approach and providing customized offerings in most of our services.

The search for all your advisory needs ends here this platform provides you the services to meet all your advisory needs.

The services help you plan to achieve your future goals, plan to maintain desired lifestyle post-retirement, prepare yourself for any contingencies, build an equity portfolio with expert advice, take steps to maximize returns from your portfolio based on an in-depth analysis report and draft a Will to transfer your estate smoothly to the desired beneficiaries post your lifetime.

Financial Planning
Get a clear road map on how to achieve your future financial goals & plan your retired life with the ideal asset allocation through a comprehensive & customized financial plan. Track the progress of the plan with the help of our online robo-advisory platform Track&ActTM.

Equity Advised Portfolio Service
Avail a ready-made standardized direct equity portfolio Fundamental or Factor Based Portfolio depending on your risk profile, to invest. Get periodic reviews and updates on the suggested portfolio to take corrective actions.

Retirement Planning
If you are already retired or retiring within a year, get to know if you have accumulated the required corpus to meet all your post-retirement needs and understand the ideal asset allocation for the corpus to suit your withdrawal plans. Track the progress of the plan with the help of our online robo-advisory platform Track&ActTM.

Portfolio Evaluation
Maximize returns of your portfolio by getting it analyzed on various parameters like risk profile based asset allocation, historical return of the portfolio, risk and returns of the portfolio based on Rolling Return Analysis and diversification of direct equity portfolio based on Efficient Frontier Analysis and get House & Consensus View of your holdings.

Will Drafting
A Will is the utmost important document for any individual, which helps in transferring your assets to whomever you wish post your lifetime. Get your Will drafted through a panel of expert lawyers to ensure smooth transfer of assets to your beneficiaries.

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